Pearl Street Systems is a leading systems integrator and professional services provider of commercial and industrial LED lighting upgrades. With a skilled and experienced staff whose only focus is LED lighting upgrades, Pearl Street develops and implements custom engineered solutions that deliver measurable long-term value.


If you’re reading through this website, you have demonstrated an interest in LED lighting technology and upgrades.  But LED lighting almost sounds too good to be true because LEDs seem to "do it all" by reducing energy costs, virtually eliminating lighting maintenance and improving the quality of lighting.  So where is the catch and what are the potential risks with an LED lighting upgrade?  Well the catch is that it first has to be cost effective and provide an acceptable financial return first.  And the risks are that the upgrade does not provide the forecasted savings, is not as reliable and maintenance free as promised, or just doesn’t look as good as you had hoped.  With an LED upgrade you are making a 15+ year commitment to the design – if you are successful great, if not you are going to live with the poor results and the constant complaints from the building occupants for a very long time.  Even with a really bad upgrade result, it will be difficult to economically justify a future lighting upgrade (because there just isn’t much more energy left to save).


So what can you do to ensure a successful project and mitigate risks?  The answer is pretty simple - don’t take shortcuts and fall victim to simplistic and vendor biased solution approaches commonly offered in the marketplace.  Partner with a SPECIALIZED, EXPERIENCED, INDEPENDENT and PROFESSIONAL LED lighting systems integrator and professional services provider.  And that firm is Pearl Street Systems.


Pearl Street Systems is one of the largest LED lighting system integrators and professional service providers in the Northeast.  We have an impressive list of satisfied customers who have one thing in common:  they demand high quality, professionalism and measurable value.  We encourage you to contact us at ( us to learn more about our capabilities, project success stories and what we can do for you.


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Pearl Street’s services cover every phase of lighting upgrades including: initial feasibility assessments, comprehensive investment grade lighting audits, professional lighting design and engineering services, equipment procurement and supply, project management, design-supply or turnkey design-build project delivery and project financing.  Pearl Street Systems differentiates itself from other LED upgrade providers in these key areas:


  • We emphasize comprehensive analysis and design, and develop custom engineered solutions.  We do not take shortcuts with “one for one wattage equivalent” fixture replacements that, in the end, will typically result in larger (and more expensive) and greater quantities of LED fixtures than what is needed.  Comprehensive lighting analysis and design more than pays for itself in lower capital and lifetime operating costs. But many upgrade providers do not have the in-house staff, design/analysis software and processes to analyze and design alternative solutions.  They commonly say that this is not necessary and prohibitively expensive – but the fact is that they don’t have these capabilities.


  • Pearl Street focuses solely on LED lighting systems and controls upgrades.  We do not offer lighting upgrades that utilize traditional lighting technologies like fluorescent and metal halide.  In addition, we do not dilute our focus and resources on non-lighting related energy efficiency upgrades, like for example, HVAC or solar energy systems.  Most full-service ESCO's (energy service companies) outsource their lighting technical services or use junior/less experienced staff in their firm to do this work.


  • We are manufacturer independent.  There isn’t a manufacturer in the marketplace that can effectively cover all lighting applications.  Each have strengths and weaknesses in performance and price, and with new products continuously entering the market this is always changing.  At Pearl Street, we are not in the business of representing the interests of specific lighting manufacturers like a lighting representative/agent does; we are in the business to serve our customers interests and offer the optimum solutions to meet their needs.  Pearl Street only works with select top-tier lighting and controls equipment manufacturers, and our high volume purchasing affords us very competitive pricing which we pass onto our customers.

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